Hidden 58 Farm
Our family: Justin, Naomi, Jacobus, & Jeremiah

Our Story

On June 23, 2017 we took possession of what would become not just our family home, but Hidden 58 Farm. Named Hidden 58 Farm for the 58 acres nestled 1/2 a kilometer back from the road.


Born and raised in Windsor Ontario, Naomi spent most of her younger days helping her grandparents on their horse farm, shoveling manure, feeding and grooming, horses, and of course riding. This wasn't just any old horse farm though, this farm had a wide variety of wildlife such as peacocks, geese, deer, turkeys, and more. She gave birth to beautiful twin boys, Jeremiah and Jacobus in 2014 and now manages to both raise boys as a "stay-at-home" mom, while taking care of the farm. One word: Superhero!


Justin has lived in Eastern Ontario his entire life, born in Kingston and raised in Ottawa, he is very familiar with the region, it's wonderful sites, scenery, and people. In 2013, Justin began to take an interest in health and nutrition, which eventually led to a focus on local, naturally raised and grown food. Combining his newfound interest and the entrepreneurial spirit that he and Naomi share, Hidden 58 Farm was born.

The boys:

What can we say? They are energetic, fun, intelligent, and full of life. And don't kid yourself, they are hard workers too - cleaning toys, moving wood, and carrying eggs.

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