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By: naomi | October 08, 2017

Quail eggs have tons of benefits from a health perspective and are very versatile in cooking. Most people though, are not familiar with quail egg so we are creating a series of videos on how to prepare and cook quail eggs. This includes the dreaded shell removal and cooking techniques including times, temperatures, etc.

Our first video by Naomi is how to boil and peel quail eggs. This is a delicious way to serve as a snack, eat as breakfast when you are on the run, or to turn into pickled eggs.

Hopefully you find this video helpful. Keep your eyes open for upcoming videos on how to use quail eggs!

By: naomi | September 15, 2017

What came first, the chicken or the quail? Huh.. What I mean is, what is the difference between a chicken egg and a quail egg? Nutritionally speaking, LOTS!

1 large chicken egg is about the size of 4 quail eggs. Gram for gram though, the quail egg is a nutritional powerhouse! The Faculty of Agro-Industry from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology published a paper in the International Journal of Scientific Research and Publications in May 2017 to back this up.

Here's some facts to chew on:

  • Consuming quail eggs is an excellent way to boost the immune system, improve memory, increase brain activity, and stabilize the nervous system.  
  • Quail eggs are full of the essential amino acids leucine, valine, and lysine, which combined are important...