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By: naomi | September 15, 2017

What came first, the chicken or the quail? Huh.. What I mean is, what is the difference between a chicken egg and a quail egg? Nutritionally speaking, LOTS!

1 large chicken egg is about the size of 4 quail eggs. Gram for gram though, the quail egg is a nutritional powerhouse! The Faculty of Agro-Industry from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology published a paper in the International Journal of Scientific Research and Publications in May 2017 to back this up.

Here's some facts to chew on:

  • Consuming quail eggs is an excellent way to boost the immune system, improve memory, increase brain activity, and stabilize the nervous system.  
  • Quail eggs are full of the essential amino acids leucine, valine, and lysine, which combined are important...